Monday, 23 March 2009

Buttons and Cloth

I cannot sew, but I appreciate those who can. I also find it oddly appealing to collect together bits of sewing kit and things along those lines, I'm always the first to put my hand into the button jar and have a play with the shiny buttons in there, sorting them by colour or making pictures with them.
Im sure Swap-bot user: Wenot must have the same thoughts, because after having a browse through their flickr gallery, they have some of the most delightful photos of hand sewn goodies, or well things they have recieved to make more with. From buttons and brads to beautifally coloured fabrics. My only problem is with swaps like that, Id be too delicate with the fabrics etc. to ever use them up, Id always be saving them for the extra special project or package. Then enevitably never use them.

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