Saturday, 31 January 2009

Flowers, Jars and Love.

I think. like the comments for this Jar. I am in love, No not with my charming young Mr. (shhh dont tell him I wrote that) but with the pretty Whimsey jar pictured here. How sweet is that pink flower on top. Im hoping its something other than plastic but even if it is, its still very nice. Simple decoration nothing that could have taken too long to prepair, because face it most of the things Ive stuck onto the lids of Whimsey jar's Ive made in the past Ive stuck with the intention of my partner removing and using for something else, or another jar or....well something.
Swapbot user: Suessstoff really made this one pretty though.
And took a really stylish photo to boot. No hints as to whats inside for Swapbot user: Jennecy who will soon be the proud owner of this jar when it reaches her as part of a Valentines package. But a great photo of a really great little jar.

For those who are curious. Whimsy jars. These are random decorated jars, filled with nick nacks and twiddly bits, that some choose to leave as a complete jar and have as decoration, or others like me. Pull out all the contents the moment they land in the post because its like getting treasure. And you have to poke and prod every little bit in there.


  1. That's totally a paper flower. I have tons of them! :) Sweet jar; I'd love to have one show up in my mailbox, all right! (I suppose I'd have to sign up for one of those swaps if I want that to happen, eh?)

  2. Thats right. You would have to sign up. Me too actually, I love the idea of Whimsy jars too, Im a little nervous to let my partner down at the moment. So Im hording lots of little doo dods and wotsits for poking in jars. But when I have enough Im considering signing myself up. (hopefully they will have a Uk one rather than the usual US only jar swaps).