Sunday, 25 January 2009

Chunky and Funky

A real love story has no ending...
Thats the message on one of the pages here in this little book. I came across tonight while prowling Swapbot in my usual late night fashion. Ive had a bit of a thing for Chunky books over the past six months, I mean personally Ive never finished one, I usually get a few pages and then change my mind on what I am going to be making a book on. Thus the pages I have sit lonely and in their unfinished books.
But this finished object looks. Lovely. No pun intended. And with great photos to show it off, the swap bot user who made this (cberrybaby). Should be very proud with herself.

I am literally sat here pawing over the images in cberry's set here on Flickr. such lovelly materials, really well thought out compesition too on the pages, Not only do I appreciate this, but Im sat here thinking, I wish my scrap paper draw had bits like those to stick to the art I make. Total Envy fest. Course I think thats what any paper crafter thinks when they spot a truely good bit of work.
Please go look and place comments for cberry's great work - and have a nosey at these extra pictures here here here and here

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