Friday, 23 January 2009

Buttons that need poking...

Thought I would link this curious little thing tonight. Its 2.30am and Im awake, browsing through the pretty things other people have been swapping, Slap me I should be sleeping. Hey-ho. I thought this small match box was a subtly very nice object to recieve. Made by swapbot user: Gem
Ive never had much of a thing for buttons really. Ive got a jar of them around the room somewhere, they are like the beads of clothing, so the ones I have I sort of have lurking about for occasional curiosity and pokeing purposes. Call me weird but poking buttons is fun. I really hope Gem's partner enjoys poking these pretty buttons when she recieves this part of the Matchbox Mafia "Box O' Buttons" group swap, that blue one seems to call to me.
Theres another photo here it has a little strange man with it too. He is apparently from a Nervourness swap where the little people (hand carved figures) migrate around the world. Go and have a nosey at those here.

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