Thursday, 22 January 2009

Starting out.. Hopes for the blog.

Best get this blog started with a first post then. Not sure what really to say. Im gonna go post on the swap-bot forum after writing this and advertise mwr!
Im hoping for support for the blog, because the idea is simply to show off work by the crafters on the site, I dont take credit at all for the stuff given infact, I am hoping to flaunt some pretty fine stuff and get more credit given to them that are putting a bit of elbow work into making some ossum stuff.
Maybe also this will encourage more Flickr pictures being submitted by the swappers there. I really hope that happens, I love looking at what swaps are out there, what folks are making, I find it really inspiring when I make my work. And I assume I am not alone in that aspect of it too. Im really hoping the idea isnt shot down. I know theres some pretty upset folks there who vent on the forum, bless em.
Ive not got a set time for posting here yet, so keep checking back, Im going to keep running through things when I get a spare moment. *gets excited* this review thing, its new and shiney and exciting.

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