Friday, 23 January 2009

Tags In the Post

Sometimes you get a tag, and its literally down to the letter of the word the person who listed it said it would be, two pens, exactly two pens, no more no less. 4 memo books. Its just that 4 memo books, not one page less.
Well this morning I happened to recieve a tag from Swapbot user dreammer Ive had a tag from dreammer in the past. And it was wonderful then, I thought hey. Im feeling a bit blue today I'll tag with a user I know wont let me down. Its been a few weeks now and after a bit of pacients this wonderful package arrived. (I believe it was a pick two tag from the Cheap Postage Swaps, Tags and Fun group that I am part of, I only picked a baggie of fibres and paper scraps. GOSH!).

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