Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Morning Post

Woke this morning, around 11am, mostly by a large thump on the wooden floor down stairs, A thump like that, it can only mean one of two things. As when that happens. a Junk mail bomb just exploded down there, or another wonderful package had arrived from a swapbotter.
To my luck. it wasnt junk mail. Infact it was a swapbot package for me.
I am glad this is the first swap I get to talk about too. Because this wasnt just any old package for me. This was an envie sent to me by Lullabye123 (from swapbot) not as a trade but angelling* me for an unsent packet from not just one of my partners but both of them. One of them being the notorius AuntieM. The swap was one of the first I started on the site way back in November ( Worry Stone Swap ). Only had two sign ups. Terrible luck they both were flakers.
Either way, as you can see in the picture Lullabye sent a lovely little package with three pretty stones, Im currently playing with the Jasper one, that stone seemed to call out to me the most out of the three, though I think the Moonstone shall be going in my coat pocket. It was really nice to open an envelope and have three smaller envelopes inside with little descriptions on them, its like presents, but with ingredient lists ontop. It made me smile. The perfect Angel.

*To Angel: if you get angelled by a swapper. This means you were one of the unlucky few who had a flaker (someone who didnt send out to you there part of a swap). Someone else who isnt in the swap, is kind enough to angel you, they send you a small tid bit, to try and make you feel better about what happened. Angel's arent to be expected for every swap you get flaked on. Just the rare one or two.

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