Friday, 23 January 2009

Cake. It had Cake in it!

The post today mysteriously arrived in two halves. One with the regular post man (an ossum tag already written about), the other proberbly with the second post, was a package. The knock at the door scared the poo out of me. It was all quiet. then BANG BANG BANG!
Anyways I got a package, woot.
This was the one that arrived two days ago only I missed it because I was in the bath, and when Id lept out towl around me, the post man was gone, I mean not half way down the street, gone. Like he'd cheesed it the moment he knocked on the door or something.
At first I was hmmm. this is an odd shaped box. opened it up and bwahh. it blew me away inside was a birthday card (unused so I could write in it), a bit of cool looking card and a wrapped up gift (it had cupcake wrapping paper, how amazing is that?). checking to be sure. yep this package was meant for me. Infact it was part of a swap from the group British Birds (a fairly crazy bunch of Uk only swappers over on the Bot, lovelly people).
Sam one of the users there had convinced me to sign up and try the British Birds Birthday Swap via. the Swapbot Chatroom. I was like ok. Since I dont usually spend alot of time in group, I checked in and thought well what the hey give it a go. Having sent my swap last week, it was only a matter of time before this wonderful array of birthday goodies arrived.
Best of all. Inside the wrapped up gift was the best felt cupcake ever. well possibly not but my partner Boatingbelle made the first one I have ever actually held in my hand, Im so smitten with it. Its sat next to the Mac right now while I write this.

The best thing about it is. I think it really has made me want to have a go at making stuffies again. I know I am terrible at sewing but, well it does take someone really good to inspire the rest right?

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