Thursday, 22 January 2009

Match Boxes of Love

Love is in the air. Well its not yet. As with most mail oriented things, if you want Valentines themed things for Valentines, you have to be organizing them at least a month in advance. Just to be sure that extra special themed swap thats being shipped from France, makes its way to Florida on time.
So its no surprize Ive found a couple of pictures from Swapbot user Emsan's flickr gallery that are the perfect example of a swapbotter getting their swaps out on time, and really early for this coming Valentine. I have to admit, this swap really caught my eye. Red is a very striking colour and gosh theres alot of it with this little match box (woot), its there to catch your eye, Neo didnt notice the lady in purple standing next to the one in red in the matrix for a reason. (and hopefully he wasnt looking down her top, if he was that kind of negates my point).
And of course I was wondering, just how is that all gonna fit in one tiny match box. Answer. it isnt. theres a cute pink bag to save it all in too. Thats a really thoughtful swap, not just box in envie with little twiddly bits, but box, in bag with cool thingy-me's and then in Envie.

Go and have a look for yourself - here, here and here

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