Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Felt Disguises itself as Pie

So real indeed. waking up this morning I looked at this and was like, mmmm cream and lemon pie. I could just go for one of those...well if there was even a bakery near me that bothered with fresh creamy goodies. (there isnt, this is a crime now I am looking at this).
But -gasp- this isnt actually real food. I mean we've all seen felt foods before, they are cool, but ultimately they look like what they are, it a very cute way of course. But this today had me double taking. It made me hungry. well done swap-bot user: lisajhoney this is a really well made bit of food. Its one of a couple of lovely examples of hunger inducing felty foods she's made. It must be a new Zeland thing, its definatly talent. Because Im looking at this one here and this one here, pondering how I can make one of my own. Course I know without a doubt that it will most certainly not look nearly as edible as these beautifal foods.

Looking at Lisajhoney's flickr gallery also has lead me to this place. Felt cuisine? Sounds almost too good to be true, I mean patterns for cool felt food, free? *gasp* Well it will make for good reading today.

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