Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Sweet Treats in the Post

After reading a few concerned threads on the swap bot about poisoning from foods and such, Ive been a wary swapper for things from other countrys. Its not hard to believe most of the cases were for Chinese goods. But you never can tell what the other person is thinking.
Too much paranoia in the world today. Either way, its good to see some people have a good deal of faith in the kind ladys and swappers over on swapbot.
It is really encouraging when you see less horror storys and more pictures of tastey treats, that regardless of the current paranoia about stuff, I would eat and be happy to swap for. Hoppyloo who sent this little jar of sweets, for no more than a simple PIF in the Lucky Parcel Group. Should be really proud. This is really encouraging stuff to see. (thanks again to Emsan's Flicker gallery). Ive had experiences with Official swaps in the past that have not nearly looked so good.

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