Thursday, 29 January 2009

Itty bitty and well travelled Dotee

Isnt this just the most adorable little thing. I didnt know Dotee's came in this sort of size, hes tiny. Apparently his name is Leonard (yep a boy dotee, that makes him even cooler). And he was made by Swap-bot user: lilacamy931 (well done). Hes such a simple little guy, No wonder JenMeister had to write about him on her blog, go have a look at what she had to say here.

Sometimes the simplest things do get us, I mean small things are good, but small and well made are better. Im admiring the beading on this litte pea pod (thats what he sorta reminds me of, and in a good way I will add).
Couldnt you imagine a whole family of Leonards hanging out together in a a pea pod together, like a tiny family of four mini Dotee's and wrapped up in a blanket. I can. hmmm...

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