Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Baa Baa...ATC

Its got wool and beads and a paper birdy thing on it. How creative can you be with an ATC. well this one makes me ponder, have I really been putting enough effort into my own cards. Its got a little bit of everything there, Im looking at it and going. Nah that cant be an ATC, but it is. Bah...or Baaa. Should I say (ok that was a bad pun).

But Mad Mummy You made this card and I doff my hat to you. This is a real treat for anyone who is a collector. I have to totally envy your partner. As I personally only have two or three cloth (hand sewn) ATC's in my collection and they were all ones I got second hand via. people trading out cards they already had. I know. Why would you want to get rid of any cards at all, but my partners did those times.
Did I meantion that this was also a card that was part of a set? Its got a partner incrime, see. Pictured on the right. I love the beads at the bottom on the second card, they look like little flowers, thats something to add to the note pad for future creative projects. But the tree on both cards, looks fab. These were made for the swap bot spring lambs ATC swap, I just cant seem to find a link for it sadly. Though there are another two just like these out there somewhere. Or not yet photographed. Oooow....

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