Thursday, 29 January 2009

Not Just a Stitchy Sheet of Cloth

I know ive had a bit of a fetish for fabric thingys lately. I guess I envy what I cannot create myself, well and have never tried I admit. But I know that my first attempt at anything fabric and handmade, would not look half as good as this first attempt at a sewn postcard by Swap-bot user: ProudNana who posted it on the swap-bot main public forum. Posted and asked the question, is this good enough for a swap.
I am in the can't sew, wont sew minority on swap bot and if this came through my mail box I would be well wow! It'd be on my wall with the other things folks have sent me that Ive gone woot about because they are hand sewn. I have total respect for anyone who can but needle to thread and make anything that looks better than a stitchy sheet of cloth (thats what I usually make by the way).

Check out the forum post here and go share some comments about how cool this postcard is for a first attempt.

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