Sunday, 1 February 2009

Its not just black and white, its ATC!

Take some card, a sharpie, a fineliner and doodle. Thats the simplest way to make a black and white ATC.
These four cards by swapbot user: gem are just that, but they couldn't be classed as doodles at all. Nice paper, careful lines, they put my patterned pieces to shame.

This does remind me about an excercise my junior school art teacher told me (memory lane alert! flee now). A good way of making yourself create new patterns for drawing later on. Take your pen for a walk around in circles like in gem's fine ATC's pictured, and then fill in the spaces with colour, patterns, pictures, you can do it with a number of different things. Id reckon a cool one could be texture, mmm soft, ooow pointy, eeerr sticky?
Its definatly a fun mini project and a nice way to create simple ATC's of your own. All credit to gem though for taking me back down memory lane, kinda makes me regret not signing up to the black and white ATC swap now. Doh.

Here's an over view of the set. Go take a look for yourself.

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