Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wiggly BIts, Chunky Books and Rwr!

What an interesting wiggly collection of things in that photo, I thought to myself as I clicked. I staired at it a bit. Realising I was proberbly not quite awake it took me quite some time to realise these were a pair of chunky pages. OMG! How cool are they. They've got wiggly bits coming out of every side, and hearts and poppy outy bits (yes thats an artistic term).

I read down the page, something I should have proberbly done first. These are for a swap-bot swap. My first Chunky Book swap. Not even the one I hosted. I checked, so I can't even tell you which swap-botter made them, only that folks can go leave lovely comments about the poppy outy, wiggly bit combo these pages have here at h_grace's flickr.
And of course check out the ossum close up pictures here and here.

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