Thursday, 5 February 2009

Her name is Clover...

There are never enough Dotee's out there.
So this little St. Patty's dolly made me smile. The weather is cold and snowy outside, but shes happy sitting warm indoors with some fruit. She has just been finished by swap-bot user: Peacewytch. Her name is Clover. Though Peace has said, she may yet gain hair. Which would be cool.

Id love to do a swap where everyone starts out with a basic Dotee and then gets to add more things to it, and create something by adding 'accessories' Kinda of like decorating a blank something and making it fabulous for your partner or even decorating the one you got from your partner. Gah. I dont know Im just kinda feeling I need to tart something up. I entirely blame Clover for this, shes a very charming looking Dotee.


  1. wow...that thing is cute! I lvoe your blog, I recently joined Swap-bot and came across you blog while looking for dotee doll instructions. I have managed to gather the courage to try making my 1st one yet...but I sure enjoy reading about the item of the day that you kinda promote on your blog. Thanks!

  2. Thats really cool, I was well nervous when I made my first Dotee. I kinda found out about them after reading a hail storm of forum upset about some young girl selling on her Dotee doll in her Etsy shop. Without giving credit to the original lady who coined the name 'dotee'
    I was nervous, but thought what the heck. Its a swap, Im sure my partner won't be selling my creation on. Alls good. I have to admit though, I did cheat. Im terrible at hand sewing, so I used my hot glue gun instead RWR!
    It worked, my partner thought she was cool. Even made chain mail hair, it just goes to show how open to interpretation the Dotee doll concept is. I cant wait to see your first dolly.

  3. I will definatly be back to tell you to come look at the picture when I'm done! I may try working on it this weekend