Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Winner Has Taken it all

When your on swap bot, you can sign up to the group trades. These are safe trades, where your content to know that even if your partner is a horrible nasty flaker, you can get a certain measure of revenge and leave them a nasty bad rating, a one. But then, there are the public forums, a place where we can rant about the many pro's and con's of internet swapping, talk about pizza boxes being the perfect shipping size for sheets of paper, the creeping prices of US postage and ah yes...tags.
This however isnt about any of that. This is about those cool threads, known as Winner Takes all. Ive never really played them myself, with postage and all I like to think I am gonna be posting something to someone along with getting something posted back. Im a one on one baby at the core. I can though marvel at the things folks recieve as party of their WTA games, and you know what these little kittys are just that. How sweet are they. They were recieved by emsanpemsan. As part of an Etsy addicts WTA.
Smiley cats are always full of win juice. But like Emsanpemsan said on the comment for these two, when she won her WTA game it was like birthday and christmas all at once. I can imagine so. I dont even think I have enough Etsy favorits to even play in a game like that.

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