Monday, 2 February 2009

With Extra Metal bits

Why so special? I bet your thinking. Well I thought so too while browsing the usual pictures, I looked at these and was hmmm. Those are a bit strange, what are they? (I think this often on a day to day basis).

But these are metal ATC's. They are the first Ive ever seen, Ive seen cards made from most things from Terra Cotta clay, chip board, wax, someone's (tasteful) bra cup but not metal before. They were made by Swap-bot user: ShandaPanda and are an example she's given of an non-paper ATC, to help promote her Non-Paper ATC Swap. Its really worth checking out, looking at the quality of these cards, you could really be in for an rare and unusal treat for your ATC collection, well if you sign up before the march 1st sign up deadline.

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