Monday, 2 February 2009

All Cats Smile even when they frown.

Its been three weeks of the blog. and OMG! SMILEY CAT!
Look at this stunning orange, SMILEY, stuff cat. But this apparently is a a cat on a mission. His smiley name is Lovekatz, and he is on a mission to spread love around the world.
He also has a jolly big box of chocolates look here.
He was made by Swap-bot user: Flufftail who has the most wonderful collection of feline pictures over on her flickr gallery, that have all been sent out as thank you postcards I believe, to her partners in swaps.
How really thoughtful, I dont think ive seen many swappers sending out thank you's for exchanges.

I have to say I was quite a fan of this picture that Flufftail recieved though, here, Gosh if only all kittens were that clean. I seem to remember mine when I was growing up going for a roll in just about anything they could, from sticky things to black stuff (they could never avoid the black stuff...).

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