Monday, 2 February 2009

Smiley Rainbow

Happy Feburary snows if your over in the Uk like me. sadly its not snowing enough for me to go out there and make a snow man or roll around in it, its just that ice slush combo of doom, that generally makes everyone cold.
Fortunate for me I guess the rainbows were in doors today when I checked through swap-bot. Look at this cheery little guy. Hes a rainbow stuffie. I seem to remember reading in the new swaps section about the make a rainbow stuffie swap, was tempted to even try my hand but never got there (my sewing is a scary thing, more daunting than the snow slush).
I was however wondering when we would see one of those little guys on the swapbot photos though. I would never have made one like Swap-bot user: breathsymphonies made. This one is her first stuffie too, I am extremely envious of this one fo a first stuffie, its brilliant. (I think I have an obsession of putting first time makes in the Letter box).
Either way, nice rainbow. Time for the morning cuppa (or well in my case, morning mug of Cola, same thing, I need caffine!).

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