Friday, 6 February 2009

Quite a Quote

Valentines is still looming ahead of us, a time for romance and deep meaning ful poems, well kinda. I tend to think baking a big fat cookie in the shape of a heart and having dinner cooked for me covers the day without any mass produced cards with bunnys kissing on them (I mean rabbits dont kiss do they? surely they are too occupied with making more bunnys and skip the flirting part).
....I may have got side tracked.
This is a nice card though, part of a larger journal I believe made by a lady named nicht-fisch-nicht-maus;'s (quite a mouthful tee hee), however she has a very artistic Flickr gallery and this quote just happened to catch my eye 'You asked me for forests but all I have are leaves' awww...

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