Thursday, 5 February 2009

Mermaid Rocks Trinkets Socks off (its official)

Okies. Swapbot user: Playswithneedles may totally have to hate me for this link tonight, but! I kid you not when I say I adore this chunky book page mermaid. This is the first page I have ever recieved (and was part of a swap I hosted for newbies to chunky books, like me, to give making a page a try for one partner) This page, shes seriously the pride and joy of my swap table right now, Im looking at her, with her pink sequin boobie cups and her mottled green print fabric tail and Im seriously thinking I should have put more into my own chunky page for my partner, because there is just no comparison here. This Chunky book page really rocked my socks off Pwn, you did really good.
Her hair is so soft too. Im not a huge underwater fan. The little mermaid did nothing for me, this page does though. Gosh. I reckon I get excited when ever I get post, this really made my day. Right. Time to go rate my partner. Squeee!

pst. yes those hello kitty thingys swimming close by, they arent bits that fell off my table into the photo, they are cute little extras that came with the page. I feel uttery spoiled. My coat now has a new shiney Kitty badge on it. Shame she doesnt smile though. Bad kitty.

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