Saturday, 7 February 2009

Did that Cactus wink at me?

Amigurumi. Cute things croceted by hand? at least this is my understanding of what the craft is, and its anything from under pants to space hoppers. Some have smiley faces and others dont, most ive seen do. Kinda like this little smiley cactus that greeted me this morning when I flicked over to swap-bot. Its quite adorable.
Though Im not sure its small enough to count as Amigurumi, who cares, its smiley and a plant. Swap-bot user: hellovader really made a prickly plant soft and cuddly. Thats ossum.

Check out his? (I assume its a him, Cactus's to me seem like a fairly manly plant) side profile here and please check out hellovader's home site, they have got some great art work to show off, even movies.

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