Friday, 6 February 2009

Wishes Really Do Come True

This is a small package recieved by Flickr user: Lennav its got a bit of everything in it. Then again this was a package from a wishlist group. I can just see the small list of tea and Kawaii goodies. mmmmm.
Im really loving the little clover paper thingy though, recently smiley japanese objects have been earning a place on my regular wishlists too. Im not quite sure why *checks for subliminal messages* I swear its mind control or something, because the only cute eastern character that ever used to appeal to me was Choco cat. And that was just because it was a smiley brown cat with a big head. (big headed kittys squeee!).
Kudos to those people who granted Lennav's wishes though, that looks like some really well thought out goodies. From Tea with little Jasmine flowers to funky face clover stationary. You did really good.

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