Saturday, 7 February 2009

Wooty Good Owls

Whos the bird everyone loves to hear tweet-twooo. Owls. I didnt see the facination with owls myself before joinign swap-bot and making a few owl themed cards for folks I know, but I do see it now. (It also doesnt help that I grew up in a house thats very firmly Sheffiled Wednesday supporting, thats an english football club whos mascot is an owl).
I would love it if one of these owls though fluttered into my post. they've got bit wooty eyes and cool wings. I have complete respect for those with the manual dexterity to knit of crochet, after having been taught myself, I still dont get it.

These were made by Captain Schlumpy (cool name btw). Who has a really nice blog over here showing an ossum first ATC.

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