Saturday, 10 July 2010

I cant believe its not Jam?

In the past I have tried my hand at doing faeries in jars, I wasnt very good at it and found the whole process a bit too fiddly (this is from the woman who spends hours on a single ATC). It wasnt to my liking. However I am producing Envy rays when I see this fine jar with its captured faerie. Not only is this picture of it fabulously taken and edited, but the jar itself is something anyone would be well happy to have in their mail art collection. even if they arent a massive fan of Faeries and captured critters in jars.
I love the netting over the top. It makes you feel like there could be rare jam involved, and who doesnt like Jam? Have a look here at Debapaka's Flickr gallery for more lovely pictures and some sent swaps. Gosh what a great surprize this jar must have been for her partner for the, Captured Creature Bottles Swap at

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