Sunday, 22 February 2009

The Key

Huray for ATC's. One of the few things crafted that I make a hell of alot of. I think last month I passed my 100th ATC. I love to look at them and collect them, they're better than baseball cards thats for sure - you never run out of new and creative things.
I guess thats why these caught my eye. When I think of embellishments I think chunky things, beads, buttons and odds and ends. These have keys. Gosh I would love for a card with a key on it an old brown iron one where the door no longer exists or the key fell out of an old mans pocket 10 years ago and he was locked out forever.
These four ATC's dont quite do that. They use collaged key's instead and that is just as cool.

I couldn't say which one was my favorit out of the set. They look very rustic, like you'd just tipped out your loose jar of old keys and bits and out came some other bits and bobs like loose buttons and tape measures and that pad lock you bought but never got to use. Great stuff really. Thank you Flickr user: Haberdashery Pie for showing off your cards, they're lovely.

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