Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Swirly Twirly Doom

Just woken up. sleep is in my eyes. Then wham. Pretty colours. What a lovely twirly picture of psychadelic prettyness. This was definatly an eye catching pretty for me. Better yet this isnt it all.
Swap-bot user: Franstuff must really have had a hard time finishing this ATC project afer painstakingly outlining that whole piece with a fine liner. Because this had to be chopped up into nine seperate ATC's. I know I would have struggled at least. But Fran managed it, here are the finished nine cards. The top left is my favorit.

This is a really good idea to have a bit of therapy drawing doodle something magnificent like the image pictured and then cut it down into cards, your never sure what your going to get but they do look fabulous finished, thats for sure.

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