Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Its wait, its Chunky Pages

My name is Trinket and yes I have an addiction. Chunky Book pages. I haven't yet got enough to make a full book of any one given theme. But I have been making them like a Squirrel storing nuts. I think I am going nuts infact.
Moving on from my madness I couldn't help but spot this delicate little beauty this evening (well morning its also 1.45am here in England). Made by Swap-bot user: freespirit66 for the Wishlist Chunky Pages Swap, I believe there is still a little sign up time for a similar swap here too. But I have to appreciate the very detailed description though about just what went into making the page. As a maker of chunky books myself, I love to find out about what other folks use for theirs. It makes me very curious what botanical handmade paper is, as this apparently used two sheets of it to make the base *ponders*

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