Saturday, 28 February 2009

Something Flavoured

Newbie swaps. We've all done them, because after all we were all newbies once right? (hell I was, and I was a proper newbie, ooow whats that, ooow postage thats a bit strange, hello there post lady....etc etc). This picture to the left does not strike me as the sort of thing Id expect to find from most average newbie swaps. This swap is just quite lovely, when I started I didn't tend to put so much care in my packages, I read profiles and all, but....mmm I look back and cringe. Swap-bot user: Fuzzystuffies hasn't done that and wont have any reason to look back and cringe as this swap, where she needed to send something hand made and something from her partners profile and who's favorite colours are green and purple. Have a nosey here at the complete package, yes the little purple thingy with a tiny little duck is a pin cushion and yep the happy green froggy thing is a mini bento box. awwww.

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