Saturday, 21 February 2009

Blue Birds and Pin Cushions

Once along while ago I made a cupcake pin cushion. It was the first thing I had sewn in along time. That was posted to a good friend of mine on swap-bot. One of my early swaps on the site. Since then I have seen many magnificent pin cusions. This one this evening caught my eye. its a small blue tweety bird. Made by a lady called Mlbstudio's (I couldn't find her Swap-bot user name sadly). I really like the design its unique. But more than that. I love the little details. The hand made pins that match with it. Those little birds are adorable (something I am going to have to try for myself thats for sure). I like the ATC with it too.
Theres nothing better than recieving a stuffie and a drawing of it. Its like you get to see the minds eye of the person who made it. A sort of snap shot of how it should be.

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