Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Twirly Tangles

When I see a good ATC card, I can sit there with the roughly 3 inch baseball card like thing in my hand, I see it and I can feel its surface. For me its as much about how they feel to the picture on them. Though a nice picture helps. I guess its no wonder today the things that really appeal to me from the Swap-bot photo stream are things like this ATC Zentangle. (Im not feeling very well today, so its tactile things and pretty colours for me all day long wrapped in blankets).

Ive never truely understood the appeal of Zentangles. especially to the extreme some sites explain them as 'Zentangle is an elegant metaphor for deliberate artistry in life' which to me adds up to. Pretty Doodle. I dont think theres anything wrong with pretty doodles, infact I encourge them, because its something everyone can do. But still...hmmm.
This though is a lovely example of a Zentangle by Swap-bot user: Magicjessnrach, when often these pretty doodles as I call them are black and white, Magicjessnrach has gone and coloured this one in. Which makes it really stand out in the crowd. Its lovely and part of a two part set, here's the other card she made (that one was just an extra for her partner, wow!).

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