Thursday, 19 February 2009

Angel Cake

If a survey asked me what was the best kind of gift you could recieve as a surprize, beyond something corny like world peace. Cake. would be my answer. So whoever it is who is being gifted this cake from Swap-bot user: Josietai who has the most adorable swap-bot profile ive seen in awhile. (so many cute and bouncing wiggly things).
Whoever gets it. they are so being spoiled rotten this cake is really well made from the looks of this photo, the fabric is really cool and shiney and those little bobbly bits are most definatly the bit that really made me go wow.
Seems Josietai has been giving out a few other bits and pieces too like this lot here. Which is really very kind. She also Angel's swaps on the site. I cannot state how I adore those people who do angel swaps that people have been unlucky with their flaker partner or have had a rough time of things with the post. takes a big heart to do.

*hugs the angels - you know who you are*

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