Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Dreaming Faerie Shrines

A sweet dream for a fairy, quite right. Anyone would find this mini shrine an dream to have in their collection, its not over crowded it has just the right mix of 2-D pictures and 3-D bits and pieces and the quote just seems to finish the whole thing off perfectly.
I like the mushroom too. But thats me. I like mushrooms and that looks like the kind you find in old school kiddies books, and expect to find alice in wonderland smoking catterpillars sat ontop of. Please go and take a look at bell_jb's flickr gallery for a closer look at some of her other Faeries and gnomes themed stuff, there are some fantastic Gnome ATC's in her gallery. And a close up of this shrine here. Even Close up Im still loving that mushroom.

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