Saturday, 21 February 2009

Owlyness (a lucky parcel)

Loads of pictures lately have been of lovely things called Lucky Parcels. I admit I am slowly being converted into wanting to swap these mail art objects. Yes. I think I do count them as mail art. Because some of the piece of mind they take, its alot of care about what a partner would really like. You know. I quite like that.
So here's an example of a lucky parcel. It has owl theme (incase you hadn't guessed already, tee hee). But thats not the entire thing, I just liked the buttons they're owly good, the little yellow ones have owly legs.
Here's the whole thing, in a photo from Swap-bot user: CanineGirl I just love the attention to detail with most lucky parcels. I have yet to see one that is just hashed together from odds and ends. They've even been wrapped away inside an owl here. I love the eyes. And yep that is a home made stamp stamped everywhere inside this parcel. Brilliant stuff. (Im really wanting to start making my own. It looks really quite cool to do, mmmm stamps).
There are more pictures here (how sweet is that little guy) and here.

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