Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Arrow of Spring Arrives

Ignoring for a moment the untidyness of my desk and a half full glass of Iron Brew (mmmm...Its trinket fuel I tells you). You will see in my hand an ancient and magical object. The Arrow of Spring. This was from a swap set up by Swap-bot user: Naurwen, where our characters in group were to go out and try and find the mystical arrow, then post it off to our partners.

In the end it was only myself and her swapping, which was the first time a group swap Ive been in has had so few sign up's. We didn't let this get us down though rather it was like a private swap with a good friend and in the end we both made a wonderful art object each. Though granted Im looking at the Arrow of Spring that was made for me and accompanying scroll of ancient wisdom. WOW! I was so very happy with this swap in the end. I think the best thing about this arrow is the feathers on the end. its not just one feather like a regular arrow, but a whole tufft of them, take a look here. I also like the fact theres a tiny tiny little green growing thing (I forget what they are called, one of those flat mossy wotsits that grows on walls and twigs and things). About half way along it. Very pretty.
I am happily going to add this to my growing collection of fantasy art objects people have made for me with a sort of Roleplay esq. theme to them. Take a look here and here at the box it came in (it was massive! and had little orange flowers inside too).

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