Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I remember you...

Ho ho! I was very surprized late this evening to be logging into swap bot and seeing this little fellow again. This is a little Ryo-Ohki or Kabbit toy I sent to my partner Swap-bot user: kesh as part of an None US international Profile Surprize swap. I was very worried about this swap, mostly because I had to go on a partners profile and if they had a like I couldnt find, what would I get them?
Course I forgot this is swap bot and everyone likes one of the three swap groups Kawaii - Cake - Craft most things that can be swapped I swear fit into one of those subjects, so it was easy to find something for Kesh. Its cool too because I have a brown one of these, they are also little purses too for hiding things away in. But its the fluff in the ears that told me 'this stuffie is a winner'

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