Wednesday, 18 February 2009

The Evil Cat in her Evil EVIL Lair...

Swap-bot user: fittzwm. Your not supposed to mail out your cat. I know its tempting sometimes after they bring in that small bird alive and then let it loose in the house only to get stuck behind the oven and cheap for about an hour while you remember how to remove the Oven from its spot (Okies so this may be my experience). And ok. So they do barf cat food and it does smell a bit odd.
But I mean...its your cat!
Post her to me. *Cough* I mean dont post here, that would be cruel. And slightly cruel on my Mr. who is quite allergic to them (its the sad truth, I miss having a cat to throw up weird smelling sick and bring live birds into the house and occasionally dribble on everything while being stroked).

ps. Appologies for the feline deprived Trinket post this afternoon. I shall return to discussing the matters of cool post objects. I promise.

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