Wednesday, 18 February 2009

My gosh happy poo!

What a lovely smiley happy little friend this chap is. Yeah sure hes a smelly turd but dont hold that against him. Hes still a soft and lovely stuffie. Made by Swap-botter: Spencerette and very worthy of showing off proudly. Hes her first stuffie and honestly for a first try thats one ossum looking stuffed poo.
I love the little label too which is wrapped around the top. Thats a nice friendly touch the kind that earns a lady a heart, not that this guy alone in my books wouldn't get one. What more can I say? I mean made without a pattern but by using an image from another site, this is just a really good try, I like the stitching in the middle to give him a sort of swirly middle, definatly better than leaving the middle of the poo plain. and are those freckles on his cheeks or nutty bits, who cares they add to making him sweet.

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