Saturday, 7 March 2009

Luggage with Legs

Your not seeing things. Like I thought I was. This is infact a chest with legs. and gosh I hope its a disk world reference. That is though one of the most creative stuffies Ive seen in quite some time. Its brilliant. The chest is made to such a high standard, its ridgid but without looking like it would crush all, it sort of has a soft quality though I expect it is still rather ridgid. Really hard to do but done brilliantly here.
Thank you Flickr user: Carrottepower for showing off. the multi-legged chest here. Im still having a closer look at how the buckle closing clasp actually works. It looks quite like it closes properly. Another pretty admirable thing. Well done.

1 comment:

  1. It is a Disk world reference, but I don't have any patience to do more than four pair of legs ( they are about 1 inch high). And the tab just has to be pulled inside/under the buckle to close it, meaning you can trap barbarians and have fresh and clean clothes in the morning if you are trapped in the counterweight continent!.
    ( and about the sturdiness, the 'lighter' brown is some heavy-sturdier felt I found ).