Thursday, 5 March 2009


According to Swap-bot user: Sunnysidey this would be the result of a lack of red bull. (according to my Mr. there was an experiment about Caffine earlier in the year, people who stopped drinking the stuff lost over a stone in weight - wha!).
erm. but yes this little owl critter. Is brilliant sure he does look like a red bull cozey but I wouldn't hold that against him (I need my caffine!). I love the fact he doesnt look like any other Owl Stuffie Ive come accross to date, he is unique. Thats pretty cool stuff. I mean most look round like the kind craft magazines teach you to make.
I like the fabric too, a good mix of floral patterns, the kind my mum would use on curtains actually, even though they wouldnt match any of the decoation in her house or mine, floral for that woman = curtains not owl. Course Owly curtains would be cool *has images of this little guy with the rest of his owl posse sewn together to make a massive stuffie curtain*
Ok. Now Im being silly. But he is a really good stuffie. well made SunnySidey keep up the good work.

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