Thursday, 5 March 2009

Rainbow Mitten's Save your Page

I think the best thing I see when I log into Swap-bot each morning (afternoon) when I wake up are the amazing array of fantastic handmade things. Ideas and objects Id have never of thought of. Its a real inspiration some days I can definatly say. Its something I would suggest to any crafter. Even if you don't swap, stop, take a look and admire some of the creations that are getting posted around the world. There really are some ossumly creative folks there.

I mean take for example these bookmarks, Made by Swap-bot user: Flufftail for a no spend bookmark swap. Simple idea, make a bookmark, beautifal results you couldnt go to any shop in the world and buy for the exchange. I have to totally envie her five partners for this exchange who will be adding one of the clippy bookmarks on the right to their collection or their favorit novel at some point. *envy*

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