Monday, 9 February 2009

Putting the Dot in Dotee

Now your old enough, we're marrying you off to some exoitic new swap-botter Miss. Doteee Bride *waves* I can just imagine this being said at least to this pretty little thing.
I truely admire those who can sew. Because basically I cannot and for my Dotee's I totally cheat and use a glue gun. It must be a pacients thing, This one must have taken some pacients on Swap-bot user: jannikinz part because she has a really long veil and its made of really pretty netting, and Id have just go *RAGE* its in my way while Im sewing her up (sewing really badly I may add). Which would likely have made me stomp off and go make a cuppa.
So yep all kudos to Jannikinz who can do this, who made this, she's very lovely. I love the veil, very pretty and I like the face too, the little dot for a nose, its like putting the Dot in Dotee. I wonder who the lucky swap-botter who gets this one will be.

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