Tuesday, 10 February 2009

It came in Red, from Rhode Island!

When I saw the red sniney bubble envie on the floor by the front door this morning. I was like. Awww valentines has arrived, it has to be junk mail. BUT I WAS WRONG! This was an pretty swanky ossum envie of goodies. I mean the picture to the left doesnt do it justice, though the tiny tiny envelopes are absolutely adorable. And I now need to find something to do with them, ooow and the weird little tag thingys.
But there were so many interesting twiddly bits and paper bits for me to use in my chunky book pages and other more adventurous things, I was sat there squeeing for a good 5 minuets. (Im very glad I was in the house on my own at this time, and no. I wasnt weeing I was squeeing! its kinda different, more manic giggling, less wee).
I have to send extreme thanks to Swap-bot user: Tooliesteaparty for this one, Its so exciting, I feel totally spoiled. Easily pleased by paper thingys, but still spoiled. Things like this always make me smile. I mean take a look here and here. Woo! As you can see, this is a lovely tag. With so much more than I could have asked for, if I could give you guys hearts this morning I really would.

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