Thursday, 12 February 2009

Cupids and Matchboxes

There are so many love swaps about just lately. I love them all, No pun intended there. I just love the array of hearts, lace and red hovering about the swap-bot site in the past month. Kinda like a mist, but a nice one with cupids. This would be my first Valentines using the site, so I didn't know to expect things to be so thoughtful.
Valentines for me has always been just another excuse to spoil my Mr. with chocolates. But never other folks.

I guess Ive had that rule changed after viewing things like this little love match box made by Swap-bot user: hollyfly1 It kind of sums up the sort of things I have been seeing lots of lately in the swap bot photos, hearts, lace, red and good wishes. Her partner luv2scrapnat got a really good little box here with this one. Here's what she got from the envie with it.

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