Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Gingerbread Army Invades

Gosh I wish these could be posted, each and everyone of these freshly made ginger bread men look ace. Its like a little ginger bread army lining up for war on the cupcakes.
Dont eat them all though Swap-bot user: Mello or your teeth will fall out. Well thats what my mum said to me anyways when we did baking together.
I fear this may have been a cunning parental ploy to stop me from gobbling up the lot of them before they had cooled. Bah.
I love the little stars around the edges. I wonder if those were just the left over bits of ginger bread man essence. The Ginger bread men are still the best though and made with a cookie cutter given to Mello as part of a swap too, if I understand it right. Cool.

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