Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Big Yellow Blanky's

I cant think of a better smile, than the one Swap-bot user: Cobaltgypsy has while wearing this massive yellow healing blanket. I remember having a similar smile after having watched my mum make first my sister a blanket and then me one over a period of about a year when we were kids. I still have the blanket now, only its got a few holes in it. She started the project to teach us how to corchet (I never got the hang of it). But I did get to sit with my mum for long evenings watching telly and talking about paff* And that for me was quite warm.
Its no wonder this was gypsy's healing blanket. It must have used so much wool. I mean I remember checking the forums a little while back and seeing thank you posts about yellow wool but still wow goodness me. That must have been a proper team effort. Please go visit the forum post and give the girl some grats. That truely is a good kharma blanket. And a nice thing to see around the site considering the harsh vibes there have been lately.

*Paff: the best way to describe paff would be in reference to talking about paff. Utter meaningless rubbish, that at the time seemed quite interesting. Trinket talks about paff most of the time.

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