Saturday, 14 February 2009

The ATC Mail Huray!

Ok I tell fibs. These arent what I got in the post today. they came during the week but I figured I would collect them together and show the set off at the end of the week, since I get quite a few of them.
These three though, from the left. Funky Monster ATC swap. Made by Swap-bot user: Katken, it was done with a handmade stamp too. (Im really really gonna have a go at making my own stamps one day soon, that sounds like quite alot of fun). The card int he top left with the Ossum faerie greetings card and a kitty. That was for the Hand Drawn ATC groups, Circus Kitty themed swap. And was made by my partner Swap-bot user: LivetheChaos. I really am a collector of hand drawn ATC's, theres just something so great about seeing other artists apply their skill from beginner to master. The last one. Was a simple Trade out your ATC swap. I got a delightful pair of cards from Swap-bot user: Ethanina and some cool extra's too. Yep thats another loose tarrot card for my collection. sweet.
Check out some close up pictures here, here and here.

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