Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Tree's of Life

Textured ATC's I have two of in my collection. So its no wonder this card really stands out to me, I always seem to admire the hand sewn ATC's the most, dont get me wrong I like ATC's alot but they just have a sort of feel to them, literally.
I really hope this was made for the tree of life swap. Because I have total envy for the person who recieves this card. I already have mine from my partner. would have loved this one though. I think its the colour co-ordinated buttons that really appeal. Not too many, not too few.
The wiggly green stuff is special also. I would love to try using some of that sort of string in my crafts too. Only I fear I would cheat and use a glue gun with what I made, unlike Swap-bot user: DestinyDesign who made this card. Its also nice to see that from the things Ive found tonight that destiny has made two of them, Im quite attracted to this ATC too, Cupcakes again my Swap-bot influenced addiction. It also uses buttons.

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